Hibah & Infaq

What is Hibah ? Hibah is a gift from one person to another person without consideration. The practice of hibah is encouraged in Islam. In the context of Islamic wealth management, hibah is one of the instrument instead of faraid, wasiat, waqf, zakat and others. Hibah is giving during the lifetime of donor to whoever he want even for the person that have no family relations with him. Hibah has played an important role in reducing the frozen estate problems among Muslim in Malaysia. Statistics of frozen estate in Malaysia is increasing year to year and researchers have suggested hibah as one of the solution to reduce the problems.

WHY Hibah Is Important?

  • Legacy Wealth Distribution (AIA will disburse the the payment to Nominees within 2 weeka upon demise)
  • Non contestant
  • To act as probate grant for deceased’s assets
  • To expedite the distribution of one’s assets and to ensure the assets are inherited by the desired beneficiary(ies).
Basic Coverage
Prepare as low as RM500,000 of hibah with up to 600% if death due to Natural Disaster.

AIA Legasi Plan specially made for you as Hibah for your love ones. Below are additional compensation that comes together with Basic Plan.

Normal Death/TPD

100% Sum Assured

Accidental Death / Haj / Umrah

200% Sum Assured

Death Due to Public Conveyance

300% Sum Assured

Death due to Natural Disaster

600% Sum Assured

Infaq is the Arabic word for “spending.” It is a type of charity in Islam that is given without any expectation of reward or return. One gives Infaq for the betterment of society, their family and to please God.

Infaq any Takaful benefits to any charitable organisation of you choice.

Through Infaq, the giver does not lose his or her income and wealth, because God guarantees that at least the same amount will be returned, if not more.

The benefits of monetary Infaq:

The return may be increased to twice the amount given (28:54).

The return may increase many times (30:39).

The return may be more than 700 times the initial amount (Quran 2:261).

With AIA Hibah plan, you can also infaq some portion of coverage to any charitable organisation or your choice.