EPF Investment

What Is The Employees Provident Fund (EPF) Investment?

It’s essentially an option to invest a certain percentage of your EPF funds in EPF-approved unit trust funds. How it works is that those with sufficient funds in their Account I can use it to grow their money for retirement purposes. Members are allowed to invest a maximum of 30% of their eligible savings in Account I, and the minimum amount for most investment schemes is RM1,000. Have a look at the EPF minimum savings required in the table below.

EPF Table Basic Savings

If you have sufficient funds, investing in any one of the EPF Investment Schemes is a good idea to grow your savings for your retirement days. Besides, the dividends earned from your investment scheme will be channeled back into your EPF account and can only be withdrawn (either partially or completely) after you hit your retirement age.

The funds that are available for you are subject to your risk category. Funds will be advised accordingly depending on the risk category that you are fall under. For further assistance, contact us NOW.